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Gecko Screed: Concrete Repair and Concrete Levelling


Gecko Screed is an economical product for many use including for rebuilding damaged floor areas, re-levelling uneven concrete, build wall to floor radius (coving), as well as for protecting floor areas from high wear and impact.  

It is easy to use, economical, can be build from feather-edge (1mm) up to 10mm (or more), and have very high mechanical property. 


 Application Areas

  • Food processing areas
  • High impact areas
  • Mechanical warehouses/workshops
  • Mining 
  • Secondary containment areas
  • Concrete structures


Gecko SpiderGrip Application Data

Gecko SpiderGrip Colours and Textures

Floor repair
Floor repair
Concrete re-levelling
Concrete re-levelling
Floor re-levelling
Floor re-levelling

How long does
it last ?

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Gecko Slip
Resistant Tests

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Application data
Colour Chart

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