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Gecko Deck: Non-Slip Floor Coatings for Ship Decks


With high durability and highly exaggerated slip resistance properties, Gecko Deck is a proven product in the world's livestock shipping industry.  

It has been used successfully in the livestock industry for the past 15 years making Gecko one of only a very few livestock deck suppliers in the world.  

This capability extends to other applications: it is suited to other types of decks including offshore decks, ferry decks as well as other carrier ships. 

Gecko Deck is a product that has been modified to have greater flexibility than common epoxies. Commonly epoxies tend to be brittle and crack easily especially at high build. Gecko Deck has been designed to address this problem and is therefore well suited to steel decks which often flex as a result of temperature defferences.


 Application Areas 

  • Ship decks • Loading areas
  • Galley • Mess Room • Sack Room
  • Control Room • Offshore Decks
  • Wet room areas • Living quarter
  • Ramps 
  • Helidecks


Gecko SpiderGrip Application Data

Gecko SpiderGrip Colours and Textures

Livestock ship decks
Livestock ship decks
 Livestock ship decks
Livestock ship decks
Livestock ship decks
Livestock ship decks

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Gecko Slip
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