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Gecko Flake: Decorative Seamless Floor Coatings


Gecko Flake is an attractive durable flooring system incorporating hard-wearing epoxy and polyurethane base coat, colourful decorative flakes and a gloss resilient clear coating that accentuates the decorative feature of the floor. 

Its unique style and durability suit diverse application, from family homes to industrial warehouses. This finish is popular in commercial premises such as shops, restaurants, and workshops and in home areas such as bathroom, shower, toilets and play areas. 

Additional slip resistance can be provided by integrating Gecko's pedestrian non-slip additive for applications in wet areas. This has been found to effectively reduce slipperiness complying to Australian Standard R9 and R10. 

This floor finish is economical, water & oil resistant, durable in light-to-medium traffic areas and easy to clean.   


Application Areas 

  • Garage • Patios • Living areas
  • Stairs • Plant room • Hairdressers
  • Counter Area • Shop Serving Counters
  • Wet areas • Toilet • Showers • Laundry
  • Workshops • Vet Clinics • Offices
  • Galley • Mess Room


Gecko SpiderGrip Application Data

Gecko SpiderGrip Colours and Textures

Bathroom floor
Bathroom floor
Garage floor
Garage floor
Washroom floor
Washroom floor

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Gecko Slip
Resistant Tests

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Application data
Colour Chart

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