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Gecko Smooth SL: For High Hygiene Zones


Introducing a new polymeric floor finish that is seamless, durable to medium-heavy traffic, and has a high-appeal aesthetic finish. 

Gecko Seamless SL is a floor finish that create an exclusive, minimalist look to a room, hiding any imperfections in concrete floors. The finish is flat, glossy and smooth. It is easy to maintain and simple to clean.  


 Application Areas

  • Boutique floors
  • Office floors • Hotel Foyers • Hairdressers
  • Cafe & Restaurant floors • Shop Serving Counters
  • School Dining Rooms • Canteens
  • Laboratories • Pharmacies • Florist
  • Vet & medical clinic areas


Gecko SpiderGrip Application Data

Gecko SpiderGrip Colours and Textures

Shop Floor
Shop Floor
Control room floor
Control room floor
 Residential house floor
Residential house floor

How long does
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Gecko Slip
Resistant Tests

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Application data
Colour Chart

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