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Gecko DevilGrip: Non-Slip Floor Coatings for Oil & Fat Zones


As the name suggests, Gecko DevilGrip is the safey flooring system that provides the ultimate slip resistance. It is specially designed for hazardous work environments where oil, grease and fat residues are a constant presence. 

Employers are aware that oil, grease and fat are extremely slippery and in spite of workers wearing of deep-tread polyurethane-soled footwear, untreated floors will fail to provide a safe working place.

The robust aggregate-filled Gecko DevilGrip non-slip flooring system provides the necessary grip required for staff safety. 


 Application Areas

  • Slaughter floor areas • Meat Processing • Skinning rooms
  • Vegetable Canning • Sausage Production
  • Fish Processing • Skinning Rooms • Tannery Wet Areas
  • Salting & Curing Rooms • Delicatessen Goods Production
  • Edible fats and oils production areas


Gecko SpiderGrip Application Data

Gecko SpiderGrip Colours and Textures

Abattoir floor
Abattoir floor
Butcher floor
Butcher floor
DevilGrip - close up
DevilGrip - close up

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Gecko Slip
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Application data
Colour Chart

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