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Gecko SharkGrip: Non-Slip Floor Coatings for Greasy Wet Zones


Gecko SharkGrip is the non-slip flooring system that is the most commonly specified profile for industrial processing plants in the food and chemical process industries, where water and oil/fat are present most times.

With its rough aggregate-filled system, slipperiness is considerably reduced despite the almost constant presence of water and oil. 

Gecko SharGrip materials are VOC-free and generate no solvent odours. More importantly, all Gecko flooring products are free from food-tainting components. 

This floor system is hard-wearing and suits applications where durability, safety and hygiene are priorities.


Application Areas 

  • Butcher floors • Dairy production
  • Vegetable processing • Poultry Processing • Fish processing
  • Ice Cream Production • Deep freeze stores
  • Hospital and Commercial kitchens
  • Waste Water Treatment Wet Areas • Vehicle Inspection Pits


Gecko SpiderGrip Application Data

Gecko SpiderGrip Colours and Textures

Chemical secondary containment
Chemical secondary containment
Galley floor on an oil rig
Galley floor on an oil rig
Abattoir floor
Abattoir floor

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Gecko Slip
Resistant Tests

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Application data
Colour Chart

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